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Event Medical Services

Do you require Event Medical Services at your event? Contact SFRRS, we specialize in professional pre-hospital care  

  • All EMS medical personnel are medicly certified and have cleared a background check.
  • All personnel wear marked uniforms
  • All personnel participate in service training sessions
  • ATV for off-road and difficult to reach areas
  • Mobile Support trailer for large, multi-day or high risk events
  • Radios for all medical personnel and event coordinator 
  • Search and Rescue (SAR) through our Search & Rescue services 
  • Automated External Defibrillator (A.E.D.) 
  • Diabetes management   
  • Oxygen Therapy   
  • Spinal immobilization  
  • Medics (personnel trained at first-aid/CPR level EFR or higher) 
  • Support personnel (personnel that assist our medics and do jobs such as traffic control, dispatch and handle paperwork)
  • SFRRS carries Medical Malpractice and CGL insurance coverage meeting City of Peterborough and event insurance requirements
  • Fire suppression  
  • Discounted Coverage for Charity and Not-For-Profit events
  • Sponsored Coverage  

All events carry some form of risk from bodily injury to sudden illness, make sure your event is as safe as possible by getting medical services, we can help

*Indicates standard services for all events 

+Indicates services that must be requested by the event coordinator 

$ Indicates additional cost 

Services Provided by SFRRS

  • *Stationary/Checkpoint 
  • *Mobile patrol by foot 
  • *Tent with equipment

Other Services Offered by SFRRS (+Subject to approval by EMS Supervisor)   
  • +Risk assessment 
  • *Event Emergency Safety plan
  • +Event planning assistance (you may choose to have a member of SFRRS on your event planning board)
  • +Event advertisement through social media and our Events section
  • +Road closure assistance (Must be approved by Police if on a public road-subject to approval by the Support Supervisor) (See FAQ's)
  • *Assistance crossing streets for events on side walks
  • $+Security through a partnership (see FAQ's)
  • *CODE ADAM implementation. For more information about CODE ADAM visit
  • *Fire Suppression 

Equipment supplied by SFRRS
  • $+ATV
  • *Medical Tent, Table, Chairs
  • *Trauma kits/Oxygen 
  • $+Ambulance
  • $+Supervisor Unit 
  • $+Trailer for Dispatch/Command 
  • *Radios

Services NOT Provided by SFRRS
  • Handling money 
  • Taking tickets
  • Running/supervising event programs   


What does SFRRS do? SFRRS EMS can attend any event with-in the province of Ontario and provide first-aid services. We will: bandage cuts and scrapes, immobilize sprains and broken bones, stop minor bleeds, stabilize allergic reactions, and may assist with other non medical related tasks such as helping people safely cross roads (at the discretion of the EMS supervisor)

Will SFRRS call Police? Yes in situations where illegal drugs, assault, or any other situation that would require police assistance occur. 

Will SFRRS call Paramedics? Yes in a verity of situations such as: when someone may break a bone, have an allergic reaction, major bleeds, and any situations where patients need to be transported to the hospital.

Would SFRRS close a road for an event? Yes but ONLY with written approval from Police with a contact number for the approving officer to confirm the approved closure. In most cases when there is a road closure, police will control the closure.

Can SFRRS provide security? No, under the Private Security and Investigative Services Act (2005) anyone acting as a security guard must be employed by an agency, however SFRRS EMS has a partnership for security services.

What will I need to do to have SFRRS come to my event? Simply submit the form below, we will book your event in our calendar and set-up a meeting to go over; The area of the event, how many personnel we will need, a safety plan/emergency plan (in case paramedics or Police are needed) and any other details that need to be discussed for your events specific needs.          

If you have any other questions not answered here you can leave them in the form below under the "Other Information" section



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If you would like to have SFRRS EMS attend your event or get a quote for coverage simply fill out the form below and email to

We offer donated and discounted coverage to some events depending on: event type, event budget, location, duration, and other factors. Find out if your event is applicable, limited spaces, book now!

We try to make the set-up to have SFRRS EMS attend your event as smooth as possible, event organizers can attend our office or we can have a member of SFRRS EMS come to your organization to finalize all additional paper work so that we can help you and your organization have the best event possible. 

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