Samaritan First Response & Rescue Service



Would you like to work for or volunteer for Samaritan First Response & Rescue Service? Do you meet our criteria? To join SFRRS you must; Be 18 years of age or older, live in the City of Peterborough (or County if applying to our EMS), have or have access to a vehicle (to go to scene or to meet at command post), and MUST have a cell phone.   

If you would like join SFRRS as a Medic with our Event Medical Services (EMS) please fill out the form below.

Volunteer position: Recruit 

Volunteer position: Responder

Volunteer position: Acting Captain 

Volunteer position: Captain

If you would like to join SFRRS, please fill out the online applicant  form. Once the form has been received please allow 3-5 days for processing, select applicants will be contacted to set-up a meeting.

If you are unable to fill out the form please contact Recruitment at or phone 705-400-7344 to request a meeting set-up  

Our Ranking System.

Responder Ranking System

Chief of Operations (Full-Time): 1

Deputy Chief (Full-Time): 1 

Captain (Volunteer): 1-5 *4 Positions Open*

Acting Captain (Volunteer): 1-3

Responder (Volunteer): 1+

Recruit (Volunteer): 1+ *Now accepting applications* 

Public Relations Team: 1-4 *2 Positions Open*

Medic Ranking System

Event Medical Services (EMS)

Chief Medical Officer (Part-Time): 1 

Supervisor (Part-Time): 1-2 

Medic (Part-Time): 1+

Medic Recruit (Part-Time): 1+ 

Support Personnel (Part-Time): 1+

Search and Rescue Ranking System

Chief SAR Technician (Volunteer): 1 

Team Leader (Volunteer): 1-3 *3 open positions*

SAR Tech (Volunteer):1-5 *5 open positions*

Responder (Volunteer): 1+ 

Recruit (Volunteer): 1+ *Now accepting applications*

Animal Services Ranking System

Director (Volunteer): 1 *1 open position*

Responder (Volunteer): 1+ *7 open positions*

Recruit is a member in training, and is paired with a senior member.

Medic Recruit is a member in training that is certified in first-aid/CPR and is paired with a senior member.

Support Personnel are members of SFRRS EMS that assist with non medical related tasks such as dispatch, paperwork, traffic control and other duties as needed

Responder is a full member that has completed their training.

Medic is a member certified in higher level first-aid/CPR that has completed their training.

AS Responder is a member who works field operations for the service 

SAR Tech is a SAR member certified as a Search and Rescue Technician. 

Acting Captain is a member who the Chain of Command feels has met the criteria to take charge of an operation until higher ranking members are on-scene.

Medic Supervisor is a member that the Chief Medical Officer and Chain of Command have chosen to oversee events.

SAR Team Leader is a member the Chief SAR Tech, and Chain of Command have chosen to oversee Search and Rescue teams

Captain is a member the Chain of Command feel can take charge of a scene without issue, and will join (with other senior personnel) in making administrative decisions about the service.  

Deputy Chief is a senior member who has proven that they can; take charge of a scene, make tough decisions on-scene, and will make both field and administrative decisions based on what would be best for the service.

Chief Medical Officer is usually a Chain of Command member with first-aid/CPR training who has been appointed to oversee and make decisions about EMS. 

Chief SAR Technician is a Main Services Captain with significant Search and Rescue experience who has been appointed to oversee and make decisions about SAR operations. 

AS Director is a member who oversees online and field operations for the team.

Chief of Operations usually will be the member who was previously Deputy Chief. This member has final say on anything that happens in the service; disciplinary issues, field decisions, administrative decisions, budget decisions, etc. 

Chain of Command is Composed of; Chief, Deputy Chief, Captains, and Service Heads. The Chain of Command makes decisions on anything purposed for the service; budgeting, sponsorship's, any problems that arise. The Chain of Command is also responsible for any disciplinary actions taken against members not part of the Chain of Command.    

Administrative Committee is composed of individuals that are not members of SFRRS. The Administrative Committee works with the Chain of Command in regulating and creating protocols, regulations, and divisions. The Administrative Committee is also responsible for disciplinary actions taken against members of the Chain of Command.

Public Relations Team personnel work online to monitor our website and put out Public Releases on behalf of SFRRS.

Animal Services personnel work online to put out releases regarding lost and found pets and in the field to reunite lost pets with their families. 

To join SFRRS with any service or team fill out the online applicant form.    

We are currently accepting applications for the following positions: 
Recruit: up to 11 open positions
SAR: Up to 15 open positions 
PRT: Up to 2 open positions 
AS: Up to 7 open positions