Samaritan First Response & Rescue Service


Our Services

Our Incident Response Services deal mostly with road related issues such as breakdowns and car accidents as well as medical emergencies, disasters and natural disasters where our personnel may be of assistance.

For road related issues we will: 

-Set-up traffic control around the scene to protect occupants of vehicle(s) and if a police investigation is necessary to protect the scene from contamination.

-Contact emergency services (if necessary)

-Wait with vehicle occupants and keep them calm until emergency services or a tow truck arrives.

-Give directions to accident reporting center

-Contact family or friends for support of vehicle occupants 

Please note that our Incident Response Services are not available to the public by calling. If you require emergency assistance please contact your local police, Fire Department or Paramedic Service.

Operations 24/7

How to contact us: 

Phone: (705)-400-7344 ext. 100


Samaritan First Response & Rescue Service-Event Medical Service Teams attend both paid events and donating services to small charity events. SFRRS provides event medical at many events in and around Peterborough and across Ontario. For more information or to book our EMS Teams click here. To view events we will be attending click here.

SFRRS can assist at events in the following capacity:
-On site Medical Services
-Road closure assistance (approved by Police only on public roads-subject to approval by the EMS Supervisor) 
-Assistance crossing streets for events on side walks
-Security through a partnership with Subwest Security Services Inc.  (At additional cost)
-ATV units
-Medical Tent, Table, Chairs
-Medical kits
-Mobile Command Unit
-SFRRS Command Trailer with Dispatch Personnel (Available for large-scale and/or multi-day events)
-Responders with Radios
-Shift Personnel (for events that run over 12 hours)

Medical Tent
-SFRRS will set-up a medical tent at all events (if possible) in the main event area
-The medical tent will be run by a minimum of 1 Medic at all times
-The medical tent has signage with our main phone line and all calls for emergency services must go through SFRRS in order to have the most accurate information and so our EMS personnel are aware of all issues related to health and safety

ATV Units
-ATV units can only be only be deployed for events on private property or areas where ATV's are allowed
-According to city by-laws we are unable to operate ATV's on city trails or in city parks
Contact SFRRS to find out if your event is able to have an ATV unit attend

Dispatch/Command Trailer
-SFRRS has a modified 25ft trailer for multi-day events 

-The trailer has both a sleeping/relaxing area for off-shift personnel and an office/dispatch area for command/dispatch personnel to track personnel, keep up-to-date records of event operations, receive calls about on-site issues and quickly dispatch personnel to areas with issues.

Contact SFRRS to find out if your event is able to have the command trailer attend

Our EMS can be contacted:

Monday-Friday: 9:00am-6:00pm


Main Line: (705)-400-7344 ext. 103

Our consulting services can help your business with experience from current and former fire dept. and EMS personnel we can help you and your staff understand and train for the worst case scenario.

The following are examples of the specialized services we provide: Fire Plan, Emergency Evacuation, Lockdown, Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) and CODE ADAM.

We also provide custom training plans to suit your companies needs.

Our Consulting Services can be contacted:

Monday-Friday: 9:00am-6:00pm


Main Line: (705)-400-7344 ext. 100

All services can be contacted through our Public Relations Team