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Talk First Program

The Talk First Program is designed to help First Responders talk about difficult calls and situations that may be triggers for PTSD later on. This program connects First Responders directly with other First Responders in their field to share stories of traumatic calls and allow First Responders to talk to someone that can understand the verity of situations First Responders find themselves in because they have been there. First Responders can sign up for group meetings or one on one talks, there is a still a stigma that talking is for wimps, you knew what you were signing up for, etc. our goal is to break this stigma and have open dialog after difficult calls. In 2017 it is estimated that 52 First Responders committed suicide from stress and PTSD related complexes, while there have been pushes for the federal government to step up and there is research being done on PTSD there are still a lot of hurdles for First Responders seeking help such as the stigma of asking for help, the fear of losing their job because of PTSD or other mental health issues from high stress incidents, the fear of being labelled by co-workers and the fear of being judged by co-workers for worrying about a lower stress incidents because someone else has dealt with worse. Most First Responders who have PTSD manifestations don’t notice the symptoms, such as with other mental health issues family members and friends are usually the first to notice a change in behavior. This program is not run by mental health professionals rather it is a peer to peer platform simply to give First Responders someone to talk to who know first hand the stresses of the job and can directly relate to things seen by emergency services personnel.

The Talk First Program is intended to give First Responders a safe space to talk and is not intended to replace traditional counselling by a certified mental health professional. If you are suffering or think you may be suffering from addiction, PTSD, other mental health disorder, or having thoughts of suicide please seek help from a certified mental health professional, emergency clinic, crisis line or call  9-1-1.

The Talk First Program is organized by members of Samaritan First Response & Rescue Service administrative and command personnel. Created by Chief of Operations M. Edgerton and Chief Medical Officer/Advanced Care Paramedic C. McCormack

How to sign up for the Talk First Program: email

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